An artist/designer’s journey: Part 1

Mira Nagpal
3 min readNov 26, 2021


As cliche as this may sound, I haven’t found myself at all. I change every single day, and that's perfectly fine. That’s what makes us interesting! But does that also make you unfocused?

Illustration by Mira. Adobe Illustrator

I get bored SO EASILY. One day I have this massive curtain fringe across my forehead and cutesy clothes, and the next a loose baggy t-shirt with a pair of baddy jeans with paint all over them.

Who else can relate to this? Middle school was interesting. I was constantly changing my style depending upon the music I listened to or the boys I liked. There was a time where I had an iPod Shuffle with only heavy metal or rock music, with Arch Enemy blaring in my ear. This led to my wearing the ugliest Ed Hardy t-shirts, with patterned Converse shoes and denim with weird metal rivets.

But, through all the change, art stuck with me. It was a gateway for not only creativity. There was so much going on in life, consuming large quantities of media- through books, music, movies, and art- was truly a way I could escape harsh reality. Immersing myself in worlds where I could be whoever I wanted, much like .Hack//sign, an underrated Anime in my humble opinion *insert smug face*

Unedited sketches by Mira, circa 2012

As I said, music played a huge part in my mood and artistic sensibility. I used to draw what I listened to at the time and Paramore, Guns N’ Roses, Amy Winehouse were amongst the few I listened to after my “heavy metal phase”, which was rather short-lived. Well, they have stood the test of time, because even though it isn’t 2012 Mira anymore, I still love her music taste!

Unedited sketches by Mira- inspired by Martin Abel, circa. 2014

The next phase was INSTAGRAM! (By the way, follow me on @miranapal24 for more of my art, I promise it’s not bad). Instagram introduced me to a plethora of fantastic artists. I honestly developed so much skill after trying to emulate a few artists and then ultimately finding my own voice. One of my favorites was @abelart, an Aussie artist who draws suuuuch sexy women. And I loved his stylistic play on facial structures.

I could really go on and on about my work and overload information in this one blog post. But that’s just boring.

So… What I’m trying to say is, follow me on my artistic journey, where I talk more about the phases I went through and why. Everyone’s journey is unique and I hope you find mine interesting! In an upcoming post, I’ll talk more about the “anime” phase and my love for all things Cardcaptor!



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